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Satinder Sartaj in Australia and New Zealand

Satinder Sartaj is touring Australia and New Zealand these days. After the successful shows in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Sartaj is going to perform in Auckland this Friday 18th November. From Auckland he will go to Adelaide on Sunday to perform.Satinder Sartaj Performing in a live concert at Brisbane. Photo: Satinder Sartaj FB Profile These shows are happening under the banner of Dream World, Whistling Woods & Sukha production promoted by Sippy Grewal, Sukha, Sati Grewal and Vicky Bhala. So fans around Auckland and Adelaide fasten your seat belts to enjoy an entertaining moment. Do not forget to buy tickets in advance. So who is showing up there? Oh! yes... I can listen you all!!!These were the words of Sartaj while signing off from Brisbane concert on 13th November:Subha Brisbane t...

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