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Singers-Turned-Actors And Soaring Prices

They sing for 2 lacs, but act for 40 lacsBy Jacob D'MellowIn every press conference, each album or movie release function and every interview, our celebrity Punjabi singers boast about their dedication to our mother tongue. But when they are asked to do some constructive work, they talk about the price that they will be charging for serving the mother land.A Classic 'Nanak Naam Chardi Kala'I was shocked to hear that a singer, who was charging between 2 to 4 lacs for a single live musical show, is demanding 40 lacs of rupees as a lead actor for a Punjabi film. An NRI producer/director confirmed (on the condition of anonymity) in a conversation over phone with Just Panjabi that he is under process of producing a big budget film based on issues related to Punjab. He is ready to pay a handsome...

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