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Fim Review | Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad

First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Preview | Movie Review | Articles | Romcom is a genre that is being interpreted in a hundred different ways in Punjab films. Ideally, for those of you who need more dope, this actually means romantic comedy. by this virtue, a film should have romance and comedy both. Apply this to Punjabi film Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad (FMGG) and one out of the two finds favour-com overshadows rom! Directed by well-known videographers Rimpy-Prince, starring Roshan Prince, Japji Khera, Bhanushree Mehra, Rana Ranbir, BN Sharma and Rana Jung Bahadur, FMGG is an attempt to make you laugh, which is managed to some extent, and fall in love… with whom we could not figure till the end! The film definitely comes in a crisp form but with loose ends, which you can see with your naked...
B N. Sharma, bhanushree mehra, fer-mamla-gadbad-gadbad-punjabi-film, Japji-Khaira, Movie Preview, punjabi-movie-fer-mamla-gadbad-gadbad, Rana Ranbir, Rimpy-Prince, roshan prince movies

Preview: Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad

Fer Mamla Gadbad-Gadbad’ is a romantic-comedy story revolving around an aspiring actor ‘Jassi’ (Roshan Prince) who dreams of making a movie and launch himself as a ‘hero’. So that he could get to marry his love of life ‘Roop’ (Bhanushree Mehra) and to fulfill his dreams, he starts doing immoral activities and makes quick-money by creating dramas. During one such ‘drama’, he ends up breaking the marriage of ‘Geet’ (Japji Khaira) and incidentally gets married to her forcefully by the village community.  And now he has “Two” girls in his life. Will he end up with his love or his unexpected life partner? | First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Preview | Articles |
B N. Sharma, bhanushree mehra, Cast and Crew, fer-mamla-gadbad-gadbad-punjabi-film, Japji-Khaira, punjabi-movie-fer-mamla-gadbad-gadbad, Rana Ranbir, Rimpy-Prince, roshan prince movies

Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad (Punjabi Film 2013)

| First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Preview | Articles |  Cast And CrewBannerPTC PunjabiPTC Motion PicturesStatusReady to ReleaseColorCRelease Date12 July, 2013LanguagePunjabiGenreComedy/Drama/RomanceShooting Locations (City and Country)Chandigrah, Punjab (India)ProducerDashmesh MoviesCo-ProducerAssociate ProducerSurinder SinghDirectorRimpyPrince Co-DirectorStory/ScreenplayRimpyPrinceDialogueRana RanbirNaresh SharmaStar CastRoshan PrinceJapji KhairaBhanushree MehraBN SharmaRana RanbirMusic CompanySingersRoshan PrinceSonu KakkarSaleemKamal KhanLyricistJaggi SinghMusic DirectorJaggi SinghBackground ScoreSalil AmruteCinematographyHarpreet Singh (W.I.C.A)ChoreographyBuntyArjun ActionSingh is KingArtEditorHarpreet Singh (W.I.C.A)MixingSoundCostumeReleased ByPublicity Design Visual Promoti...

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