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Saleem-Bhinda Aujla’s collabration for ‘Drame-Bazi’

Singing Prince of romance (Master) Saleem Shehzada and Yaar Glassi fame young rocking composer-singer Bhinda Aujla has collaborated for ‘Drame-Bazi’! Do not get it wrong, it is the title of Bhinda’s latest album. Saleem and Bhinda have sung a song ‘By God’ together for Drame-Bazi. The song has a peppy composition and music has been fused with Arabic tunes. Saleem’s vocal is again at its peak in this romantic song and Bhinda Aujla is very much addictive for the second time. There are eight tracks included in the album. It also includes Bhinda’s trademark alcoholic song ‘Aj paade hor daru. So fans of Daaru :) oh! I mean fans of Bhinda Aujla get ready to enjoy an intoxicating album after a long time. Bhinda has come back with his solo album after a long time. Meanwhile he was busy in produci...

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