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Film Review | Once Upon A Time in Amritsar

Once Upon A Time in Amritsar:A blunder happened ~Deep Jagdeep Singh~Rating/Go to the Last Line PleaseOnce Upon A Time in Amritsar (OUATIA) revolves around two young college going boys Ranjit (Dilpreet Dhillon) and Gurjind (Gurjind Maan), who are two best friends, belongs to two different family backgrounds and faces the ups and downs of life all together. After finishing their college,   they are hopeful to get a good job, to fulfill the expectations of their families, but fate takes an unexpected turn. After losing all hopes, they go to Golden Temple to seek blessing, but there they encounter a suspicious man (Ashish Duggal), who has a wicked plan to disturb the peaceful fabric of Punjab by blowing off the Holy Temple. Both try to convince the tough cop (Pawan Raj Malhotra) to crack...

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