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Punjab Film Empty Inside Talks of Punjabi Youth

Report by Amritbir KaurThere’s emptiness inside us. It is just to do away with that emptiness and loneliness that one takes to drugs with a view to provide satisfaction to oneself. We all are addicted to one thing or the other; but all that is required is to have an addiction to do something positive. With this line of thought, Satdeep Singh is here with his next Punjabi feature film, ‘Empty Inside’. The film will give you an insight into this problem of drug-addiction. It is about the families that have been ruined because of this problem. When asked how the film is different from a host of other films centered around the problem of drug abuse, The director, Satdeep Singh said that he has made a film not just about the problems but he has also provided a solution. We have tried to provide...

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