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Film Review | Sardaarji | A ‘Ghost’ copy of Jatt and Juliet series

Movie Review Sardaarji by Deep Jagdeep SinghYes! Sardaaji is a film about ghosts and a ghost catcher, but one more ghostly thing is also associated with it. Its story is a ghost copy of Jatt and Juliet series films. Like in ghost writing someone writes a piece of writing and it is published on someone else’s name. Simply it is originally the story of Jatt and Juliet one and two with a ghostly twist added by writer Dheeraj Rattan and Director Rohit Jugraj, it becomes the story of Sardaarji. I am not blaming them for palagarism; I am just trying to convey that there is nothing much original or new. Film Review | Sardaarji | Diljit | Neeru Bajwa | Mandy TakharLet’s get into the story first then I we will get into the similarities. Story revolves around a Sardaarji, known as Jaggi. Jaggi ...

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