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Film Review | Teshan

Teshan – A derailed storyRating 1/5Deep Jagdeep SinghTeshan is another Punjabi film which tries to connect to the roots and family values, but a sloppy script, synthetic acting and casual direction make it an atrocious affair.    Teshan aka Station aka Happy (Happy Riakoti) is a simple village lad who falls in love with an NRI urban ‘chic’ Jinni (Diljott). Jinni, who had a traumatic childhood due to the separation of her elite parents, wants to marry a simple guy to feel the warmth of relationships.  Will they get united? What obstacles they face? Teshan unfolds much predictable storyline without any dramatic twists and turns. Prince Kanwaljit Singh’s story lacks basic ingredients of a narrative, thus without a major crisis screenplay remains lethargic and boring. Few o...

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