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Tiger : A Hero of Kitten StoryDeep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5Punjabis are born tigers; they have fought against invaders, they have a major share in the list of freedom movement martyrs, in Indian forces   they are in huge numbers, but this glorious history is fading due to drug menace. After Udta Punjab Tiger tries to put forward a micro story of a family which gets wrecked due to drug mafia network across the border, but it has no connection with Udta Punjab except the theme of drugs.The story begins with a voice over introducing a village called Jangpura, which has 500 households and at least 490 has an FIR registered in their name. Three school kids in their school uniform crawling through barbed wires on Indo-Pak border with their school bags on their back. Then they jump into a bo...

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