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Film Review | Teshan

Teshan – A derailed storyRating 1/5Deep Jagdeep SinghTeshan is another Punjabi film which tries to connect to the roots and family values, but a sloppy script, synthetic acting and casual direction make it an atrocious affair.    Teshan aka Station aka Happy (Happy Riakoti) is a simple village lad who falls in love with an NRI urban ‘chic’ Jinni (Diljott). Jinni, who had a traumatic childhood due to the separation of her elite parents, wants to marry a simple guy to feel the warmth of relationships.  Will they get united? What obstacles they face? Teshan unfolds much predictable storyline without any dramatic twists and turns. Prince Kanwaljit Singh’s story lacks basic ingredients of a narrative, thus without a major crisis screenplay remains lethargic and boring. Few o...
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Film Review | Tiger

Tiger : A Hero of Kitten StoryDeep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5Punjabis are born tigers; they have fought against invaders, they have a major share in the list of freedom movement martyrs, in Indian forces   they are in huge numbers, but this glorious history is fading due to drug menace. After Udta Punjab Tiger tries to put forward a micro story of a family which gets wrecked due to drug mafia network across the border, but it has no connection with Udta Punjab except the theme of drugs.The story begins with a voice over introducing a village called Jangpura, which has 500 households and at least 490 has an FIR registered in their name. Three school kids in their school uniform crawling through barbed wires on Indo-Pak border with their school bags on their back. Then they jump into a bo...
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Film Review | Gelo

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5Gelo is a third Punjabi film released this year based on women oriented subject and first mainstream film based on neo classic Punjabi   literature. Gelo is inspired from well known Punjabi novelist and short story writer Raam Saroop Ankhi’s novel Gelo. Gurmel Kaur aka Gelo (Jaspinder Cheema) belongs to high class traditional farming family, who falls in love with Rama (Gurjit Singh), a laborer from a lower class. They fly like a free love birds until one day suddenly an abrupt incident turns their life upside down. How Gelo’s fate takes her through dark lanes of life is the central idea of the film. Director Manbhavan Singh has tried to translate the story from paper to celluloid, but he lacks in delivering a gripping screenplay. The narrative has ma...
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Film Review | Bambukat

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 3.5/5Bambukat is a film which takes you back to the roots. Set in the post independence era, Bambukat, not only highlights the age old issue of     discrimination based on skin color it goes further depicting the societal behavior based on financial status. It dwells deep into a true Punjabi spirit of creativity and undying spirit of not giving up till the end. After a long gap a Punjabi film writer has come with a plot which is completely fresh and woven within the ethos of Punjab. This film clearly declares its target audience demarcation and remains true to its culmination. This film reaffirms that Punjabi film market belongs to rural audience and if you can pull them to theatres you can do wonders on box office. For this, content wise, you have to be...
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Film Review | Needhi Singh

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5Needhi Singh is not an extraordinary film. It is simply the replica of any Sunny Deol film, minus original Dhai Killo Ka Haath. It could be remembered as a first Punjabi woman action ‘hero’ film.   Needhi Singh (Kulraj Randhawa) is a simple bubbly girl of the small village of Punjab, who plays cricket with the village kids, fetch lunch for her father to farms and flies like a free bird all around. Apart from her supportive father (Dally Daljit) and nagging mother (Seema Kaushal), she is very much fond of her friend Shanno and cricket. Daughter of village patwari (land revenue officer) Shanno gets into the evil eye of Lali (Aman Sutdhar), younger brother of Sarpanch (Ashish Duggal), when he visits her father to grab public land for personal gains. How an inn...
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Film Review | Sardarji 2

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5First thing first Sardaarji 2 has no connection with Sardaarji’s first instalment. So there is no ghost hunter, no funny ghosts in laboratory bottles, no sexy witch and no ghost hunting at all.  This time, Jagjeet Singh aka Jaggi Khooh Wala (Diljit Dosanjh) is a successful organic cultivator. Winner of awards and accolades for successful, innovative farming, amusing Jaggi is also known for his irrepressible anger and hardcore tough attitude in handling odd situations. Incidentally, he falls into the trap of the evil designs of his rivals. He has to pay 15 million rupees to get out of this trap and save the peasantry of his village. Jaggi goes to a foreign land to save his homeland, the village. This time writer Dheeraj Rattan and Director Rohit Jugraj go mo...
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Film Review | Once Upon A Time in Amritsar

Once Upon A Time in Amritsar:A blunder happened ~Deep Jagdeep Singh~Rating/Go to the Last Line PleaseOnce Upon A Time in Amritsar (OUATIA) revolves around two young college going boys Ranjit (Dilpreet Dhillon) and Gurjind (Gurjind Maan), who are two best friends, belongs to two different family backgrounds and faces the ups and downs of life all together. After finishing their college,   they are hopeful to get a good job, to fulfill the expectations of their families, but fate takes an unexpected turn. After losing all hopes, they go to Golden Temple to seek blessing, but there they encounter a suspicious man (Ashish Duggal), who has a wicked plan to disturb the peaceful fabric of Punjab by blowing off the Holy Temple. Both try to convince the tough cop (Pawan Raj Malhotra) to crack...
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Movie Review | Dulla Bhatti

Dulla Bhatti:Sundar Mundariye, No! ~Deep Jagdeep Singh~Rating Hajmola Family Pack/Mega Grocery StoreThe Legend (15th Century): Dulla Bhatti was a real Robinhood of Punjab region of medieval India who led the revolt against Mughal emperor Akbar. His father Farid and grandfather Sandal were executed for opposing the land revenue collection scheme imposed by Akbar. Dulla was born four months after the death of his father and coincidentally Akbar’s son Sheikhu (later known as Jahangir) was born on the same day. For a bright future, Sheikhu was fed by Dulla’s Rajput mother. Both grew up and split from each other in due course. Latter, Bhatti becomes a bandit who is known for taking from rich and giving it to poor. He patronized marriages of poor girls, and protected them as daughters. In t...
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Film Review | Vaapsi

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 3/5Vaapsi is not a perfect film, but it is the most authentic film, which remains true to its basic concept ‘The Home Coming’. The film talks about   the apathy of Sikh migrants who escaped to foreign countries after burning their hands in the terrorist movement to save their families back at home. Living with false identities in foreign lands they have earned enough wealth, but the Indian State’s black list has barred them to return back home. Few of them who tried to return either lost their lives or landed into jails. Vaapsi is the story of one such man who wants to return home after twenty five years of exile.Living an identity less life in Germany taxi driver older Ajit Singh (Gulshan Grover) gets a call from his ailing, old and weak mother laying on her...
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Film Review | Saadey CM Saab

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5Yudhveer Singh (Harbhajan Maan) is a son of honest political activist who lived and died for his politics based on principals. Crestfallen with the fate of his father, resilient Yudhveer adopts a crooked way to reach at the top position of Chief Minister with the support of his two childhood friends Inder (Rahul Singh) and Dimpy (Gurpreet Ghuggi).   Just before the state elections and after the suspicious death of veteran leader of the party his spoilt son Damanjeet Singh (Dev Singh Gill) frisks his muscles to inherit his father’s throne, but during the party meeting, executive members vote against the dynasty politics and in favor of Yudhveer. Due to huge support within party and popularity in public Yudhveer is destined to be the next CM. With burnt ego ...

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