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Film Review | Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De

| First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Review |by Deep Jagdeep SinghThe story of ‘Jatt Boys: Putt Jattan De’ was the same as was expected from the trailors, but of course, there was some newness in it. The story was the same typical story of Putt Jattan de or Jatt and his land. There’s one Jatt, who has ample agricultural land, has all the resources of a wealthy person and exercises power and control in his area. There’s one of his acquaintances, who has his evil intentions of grabbing the Jatt’s land. He plays a trick and there ensues a fight, at the end of the which the conspiring friend is defeated and the Jatt comes out unscathed.Poster | Jatt Boys Putt Jattan DeFrom here begins the story of the film. But this time there is not just one Jatt, rather there are two Jatt friends, who love e...
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Fim Review | Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad

First Look | Cast and Crew | Movie Preview | Movie Review | Articles | Romcom is a genre that is being interpreted in a hundred different ways in Punjab films. Ideally, for those of you who need more dope, this actually means romantic comedy. by this virtue, a film should have romance and comedy both. Apply this to Punjabi film Fer Mamla Gadbad Gadbad (FMGG) and one out of the two finds favour-com overshadows rom! Directed by well-known videographers Rimpy-Prince, starring Roshan Prince, Japji Khera, Bhanushree Mehra, Rana Ranbir, BN Sharma and Rana Jung Bahadur, FMGG is an attempt to make you laugh, which is managed to some extent, and fall in love… with whom we could not figure till the end! The film definitely comes in a crisp form but with loose ends, which you can see with your naked...
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Movie Review: Mirza-The Untold Story

Hardcore promotion, high expectations, house packed opening, Glittering on and off screen names and the end result, mixed reactions. Though Just Panjabi reviewers are still underway in writing the review of Mirza-the untold story, but we have received a public (re)view from all around the globe and most of the viewers expressed their disappointment. All of them have liked the production quality but content lacks to mesmerize them. According to Raman Brar from Australia, all cinemas in his city were house full on very first day. “It is a long movie without any extra excitement. Promos were much better than final product”, he added. Hardeep from Ludhiana told that it was house full in all the multiplexes there. Mirza was his first preference but he was forced to watch Housefull 2 after fai...
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Movie Review: Yaar Anmulle

Amritbir Kaur, New‘Yaar Anmulle’ was a complete entertainment package. The trio of Aarya Babbar, Harish and Yuvraj Hans were the anchors, who held the reins of the movie firmly in their hands, though Aarya Babbar did falter in that frequently in the movie. It was Harish, who took the cake with his hilarious acts. His comedy was so spontaneous, natural and refreshing that never at any point in the film the viewer feels anything imposed in his character. The storyline was simple and plot developed on the expected lines. But this cannot be taken to be a weak point of the film as in case of comedies it is not the story that is of utmost importance, rather it is the comic dialogues and acts, and also the character portrayal. For a change, the comedy in the m...
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Movie Review: Yaara O Dildara

Amritbir Kaur, New‘Yaara O Dildaara’ was a usual entertainer with all the already-established formulae of a masala movie. The stage is set in the initial part of the film when the mention is made of Sukhdeep (Harbhajan Maan), who is returning home after winning the Businessman of the Year award. Also another actor, who enters into this scene, is his younger brother Rajbir (Gulzar Inder Chahal).Gurpreet Ghuggi’s light-hearted, natural and spontaneous comedy added a starry touch to the movie. The library scene is a bit too exaggerated with the students directly challenging the librarian of the college, Gurpreet Ghuggi. The first appearance of Rajbir (Gulzar Inder Chahal) in the college is the fight scene between him and his seniors, who were indulging in ragging of ...
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Movie Review: Jihne Mera Dil Luteya

Amritbir Kaur, New Delhiamritbir80@gmail.comMovie Synopsis: JIHNE MERA DIL LUTEYAThe movie is about three college-going friends Yuvraj, Gurnoor and Noor. Yuvraj and Gurnoor are the sons of two wealthy landlords, who are daggers drawn towards each other although they were very close friends earlier. After years of not even on talking terms, Yuvraj and Gurnoor are united after they are into wooing Noor, while she is totally against marriage. So Yuvraj and Gurnoor unite for a common cause, that is, converting Noor's opinion in favour of marriage. The movie is a love-triangle with an addition of another angle when another suitor comes to marry Noor. He is Karanveer (played by Binnu Dhillon). Film Review: JIHNE MERA DIL LUTEYAThe movie with the usual love-triangle Bollywood masala is ...
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Movie Review: Chana Sachi Muchi: Entertainment Coated Message

Edited By Amritbir KaurFlawless screenplay, fresh story, brain hammering twists and turns and up to the mark acting – these are the keywords that sum up the film ‘Chana Sachi Muchi’ in a few words. As soon as a question arises in your mind, the director speaks through his characters and puts to rest every query. Climax is the out of box idea and shows the capability of director who himself is the writer. Though Goldy Sumal is holding the film on his shoulders, but if I say the real hero is Harinder Gill (Director/Writer), I will not be over rating him. He knows well how to keep under control the story, characters and the actors. After a long span of time, a Punjabi movie has been produced, which I strongly recommend as a must-watch for every age group. Wait a minute, if you are t...
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Movie Review: ‘Chak Jawana’ : Just Lesson, No Entertainment

English Translation By-Amritbir KaurThe story of the movie ‘Chak Jawana’ seems to have been lost somewhere amidst superb acting, soulful music and a meaningful message. The much awaited film of Gurdas Maan could not live up to the expectations of the public. The film was unable to make an effective appeal to the audience because of the poor screenplay. The story of the film revolves around the psychology of the drug addicts, the pitiable situation of their parents and the addicts’ attitude towards society in general. The film throws light on the valid and logical suggestions that can put to effect for solving these issues. The film is based on a simple and straightforward story line. Gurjit Singh (Gurdas Maan), who is a Captain in Navy, comes to his village on a lea...
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Movie Review: Mel Karade Rabba

|Cast and Crew |'Mel Karade Rabba' is a commercially successful but a socially damaging film. The slogan of the film ‘hockey di taqat kalam di taqat nalo wadh hai’ is encouraging the youth in general and that of Punjab in particular to opt for violence instead of education; moreover, not for any social reform but just to show off their hollow egoistic tendencies, wealth, their hypocritical attitude and to win over the heart of a beautiful girl. In the beginning I would say, MKR is just like any other routine masala Bollywood film made in Punjabi with a tarka of so called Punjabi attitude. The mundeehr (ਮੁੰਡ੍ਹੀਰ-The Gang of Boys) will definitely like the movie, because they prefer this lifestyle and punjabi girls may relate to character of Seerat (Neeru Bajwa) as she depicts their own heart...

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