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Film Review | Punjab 2016

Revisit the Reality Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5A journey of Punjab 2016 presents the real story of Punjab in a much clichéd manner. After Udta Punjab, Bathinda Express and Ardaas Punjab 2016   is another film based on the drug problem of Punjab. Conceived by university theater students and researcher scholars, Punjab 2016 is expected to be a more subtle and in-depth film on the drug menace in Punjab, but ends up disappointing on the story front by recreating the old melodramatic narrative of politician-police nexus of drugs affecting youngsters and their families. A film with good production value and a strong important subject has gone haywire due to lack of professional approach.Two college going alcoholic pranksters Deep (Deep Jagdeep) and Mintu (Mintu Kapa) make fools of th...
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Film Review | Gelo

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5Gelo is a third Punjabi film released this year based on women oriented subject and first mainstream film based on neo classic Punjabi   literature. Gelo is inspired from well known Punjabi novelist and short story writer Raam Saroop Ankhi’s novel Gelo. Gurmel Kaur aka Gelo (Jaspinder Cheema) belongs to high class traditional farming family, who falls in love with Rama (Gurjit Singh), a laborer from a lower class. They fly like a free love birds until one day suddenly an abrupt incident turns their life upside down. How Gelo’s fate takes her through dark lanes of life is the central idea of the film. Director Manbhavan Singh has tried to translate the story from paper to celluloid, but he lacks in delivering a gripping screenplay. The narrative has ma...
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Film Review | Sardaarji | A ‘Ghost’ copy of Jatt and Juliet series

Movie Review Sardaarji by Deep Jagdeep SinghYes! Sardaaji is a film about ghosts and a ghost catcher, but one more ghostly thing is also associated with it. Its story is a ghost copy of Jatt and Juliet series films. Like in ghost writing someone writes a piece of writing and it is published on someone else’s name. Simply it is originally the story of Jatt and Juliet one and two with a ghostly twist added by writer Dheeraj Rattan and Director Rohit Jugraj, it becomes the story of Sardaarji. I am not blaming them for palagarism; I am just trying to convey that there is nothing much original or new. Film Review | Sardaarji | Diljit | Neeru Bajwa | Mandy TakharLet’s get into the story first then I we will get into the similarities. Story revolves around a Sardaarji, known as Jaggi. Jaggi ...
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Film Review | Romeo Ranjha

Punjabi Film Poster | Romeo Ranjha | Jazzy B Garry Sandhu The most disastrous Punjabi film of the year is Romeo Ranjha. Jazzy B ?Garry Sandhu ?Rana Ranabir, why?Rana Jung Bahadur?Yograj Singh, Ki Kita e Sajjna?Parul Gulati :) :( Naviant Singh :OThat is enough film review for Romeo Ranjha.Rating? Will do it. First let me return from the hell.For latest Updates Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube

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