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Film Review | Laavaan Phere | Roshan Prince | Rubina Bajwa
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Film Review | Laavaan Phere | Roshan Prince | Rubina Bajwa

-Deep Jagdeep Singh-Rating 2/5 The movie review of Punjabi film Laavaan Phere, starring Roshan Prince, Rubina Bajwa, Gurpreet Guggi, Karamjit Anmol, Harbi Sangha, Malkit Rauni, Rupinder Roopi.Written by Pali Bhupinder Singh and Directed by Sameep Kang.Film is loosely based on the Punjabi wedding scenes, dominantly featuring Jija's of the bridegroom. It shows exaggerated scenario of Punjabi Jija's who go over the top to spoil the marry moments.Just Panjabi is an independent media organization, providing news, opinions and information, free from any political, religious or business pressure and favoritism. It requires your financial support to keep it free from political and commercial pressures. You can send support amount from Rs. 25 to Rs. 10 thousand or more. For support us click button ...

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