Heer Ranjha

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International Punjabi Film Festival in Delhi from 12-15 January

Second International Punjabi Film Festival in Delhi Do you live in Delhi? Do you love Punjabi Cinema? Had you missed all the fun by being not able to watch latest Punjabi movies released this year? Are you dissatisfied from the distributors who do not release Punjabi Movies in Delhi/NCR? Now it is your turn to make them realize that Punjabis living in NCR are enthusiastic to watch Punjabi movies if these are released in the region. You can come and watch latest Punjabi movies in a multiplex and show your enthusiasm about Punjabi cinema. To promote Punjabi cinema in National Capital Region Punjabi Academy, Delhi is going to organize Second International Punjabi Film Festival from 12 to 15 January, 2012. Apart from popular commercial movies like Yaar Anmulle, Jihne Mera Dil Lutiya, Ekam, ...
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Neeru ‘Heer’-‘Ranjha’ Harbhajan

Punjabi's are famous for their legendary love stories, the most famous is Heer-Ranjha. Now the legendary kissa of Heer-Ranjha is ready to get alive on silver screen. Pollywood is ready to follow the footsteps of bollywood, by adapting the super hit historical love stories formula like DevDas. While Abhay Deol has been depicted as modern Devdas in his recently hit Dev D, similarly Harbhajan Maan is all set to be his punjabi counterpart, but not Dev Maan, but the classic Ranjha. Yes!!! the legendry love story of Heer-Ranjha is ready to hit big screens for punjabi audience soon. Acccording to news reports Heer-Ranjha is scheduled to release on 25 September, in which Harbhajan Maan is playing Ranjha and his Heer is Neeru Bajwa. Along with that veteran actress Daljeet kaur is starting her seco...

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