Hero Hitler in Love

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Babbu Maan’s Movie ‘Hero Hitler in Love’ releasing on 18 November

Hero Hitler in Love: Release Date 18 NovemberThere’s good news for all the Babbu Maan fans out there! The charmer of ‘Hawaayein’, ‘Rabb Ne Jodian Banayian’, ‘Ekam’ and ‘Hashar’, Babbu Maan returns with ‘Hero Hitler in Love’. The film will be released worldwide on 18 November, 2011. And as usual he has a long list of credits in his name. He is the Singer, Music Director, Producer, Screenplay writer, Dialogue writer and also the lead Actor in the movie.A unique feature of this movie is that Bhagwant Maan will be seen in a very different role in the movie ‘Hero Hitler in Love’. He has been cast in a serious role this time. He plays the role of the hero’s Pakistani friend. The story is set in the village named ‘Ishqpura’. Babbu Maan, who plays the character of Hitler, is a resident of th...

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