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Movie Review: Chana Sachi Muchi: Entertainment Coated Message

Edited By Amritbir KaurFlawless screenplay, fresh story, brain hammering twists and turns and up to the mark acting – these are the keywords that sum up the film ‘Chana Sachi Muchi’ in a few words. As soon as a question arises in your mind, the director speaks through his characters and puts to rest every query. Climax is the out of box idea and shows the capability of director who himself is the writer. Though Goldy Sumal is holding the film on his shoulders, but if I say the real hero is Harinder Gill (Director/Writer), I will not be over rating him. He knows well how to keep under control the story, characters and the actors. After a long span of time, a Punjabi movie has been produced, which I strongly recommend as a must-watch for every age group. Wait a minute, if you are t...

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