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Film Review | Needhi Singh

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5Needhi Singh is not an extraordinary film. It is simply the replica of any Sunny Deol film, minus original Dhai Killo Ka Haath. It could be remembered as a first Punjabi woman action ‘hero’ film.   Needhi Singh (Kulraj Randhawa) is a simple bubbly girl of the small village of Punjab, who plays cricket with the village kids, fetch lunch for her father to farms and flies like a free bird all around. Apart from her supportive father (Dally Daljit) and nagging mother (Seema Kaushal), she is very much fond of her friend Shanno and cricket. Daughter of village patwari (land revenue officer) Shanno gets into the evil eye of Lali (Aman Sutdhar), younger brother of Sarpanch (Ashish Duggal), when he visits her father to grab public land for personal gains. How an inn...

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