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Film Review | Mahi NRI | Desi Sass Wants Foreigner Jawayi

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 3.5/5Do you want to know why Punjabi’s are mad about going abroad? Do you think NRIs live a lavish life and swim in dollars and pounds? Just board a flight to the west and your life is all set? Wait. Just go and watch Mahi NRI, the latest Punjabi romantic drama depicting the hardships and reality of being NRI.   Yuvraj Singh Sidhu Aka Oye Hoye Sharry Singh (Hardy Sandhu) is a struggling singer/rapper who is madly in love with Reet (Poppy Jabbal) also a singer and daughter of Harry’s part time music master and a full time bank employee Joginder Singh (BN Sharma). Joginder is ready to marry her loving daughter to Sharry, but his wife Amrit (Navniit Nishan) is a typical stubborn desi Bebe (mother), who want an NRI’s groom for her much talented daughter. One fine ...

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