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Film Review | Empty Inside | Punjabi Feature Film

Review by Amritbir KaurThe premiere show of ‘Empty Inside’ held at Guru Nanak Bhawan, Ludhiana seemed more of a Sikh event than being a movie premiere. As a film analyst one might feel that the Sikhs are limiting their market in this way. but this stream of thoughts stops here because the credit goes to the Director, Satdeep Singh when we come to know his thinking behind taking a Gursikh boy with unshorn hair as the protagonist in the film. He says that in this competitive era, Sikhs have to compromise with their Sikh tenets to make a mark in the Bollywood.  Here I fully agree with him. Actually when the situation is grim, the Sikhs should themselves carve out opportunities for Sikh boys and girls, who won’t give up their identity just to be in limelight. Hence, we can excuse the team...

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