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Silver screen salutes Punjabiyat from Sarabha to Yamla

Perhaps it was the first moment in the history, when the successors watched the life story of their heroes of the history of Punjab, Those heroes who had written the name of country and punjabiyat with golden letters in history. Kartar Singh Sarabha, Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, soldier Mul Singh and Lal Chand Yamla Jatt, had their own individuality. We bow in front of them with honor and pride, for their selfless sacred deeds. Young film maker Navalpreet Rangi is also doing something, which inspires us to think. I was also lost in deep thoughts, when I was watching all this with my wide open eyes. You must be thinking what this all puzzle is? Actually I was also struggling with similar thoughts when I was returning to Delhi from Chandigarh. I was coming back from the international historic ...
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International Historic Punjab Film Festival 2009

To Make A World Of Difference By Hearing Each Other And Healing The Earth. As We Are All In This Together, To Foster One Earth Community-Amidst Two Places: The Practical And The Spiritual”Friends is commited for the reform of punjabi entertainment industry, while giving you the latest information about punjabi cinema, music and television. Apart from the promotion of commercial stream of punjabi entertainment industry, we are pledged to support social causes and projects related to socio-cultural uplifment, global peace and harmony. We are pleased to join hands with Council of Parliament of World's Religions (CPWR) for their movement of inquilab through film media. CPWR, United Nations Educational Social Cultural Organization, The Urdu & Persian Literary Society of the ...
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Raj Brar’s rebirth as an actor.

After the super success of album Raj Brar Rebirth, Raj Brar is going to get a new birth as an actor with the movie titled ‘Jawani Zindabaad’ Balraj Singh is producing the film, featuring Raj Brar as lead hero and opposite him is television actress Pooja Kanwal. Renowned director Harinder Gill is directing the ‘Jawani Zindabaad’. You can expect heart throbbing music, because Raj Brar is famous for his lyrics, music compositions and singing. Definitely music will be the USP of the film. According to sources, Jawani Zindabad has all the masala ingredients of an entertainer movie which includes comedy, romance, dance and drama. Will people accept him as an actor? What is your opinion?
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Who is this channo?

These days this channo’s talk is on everyone’s lips. Producer-Writer-director Sukhpal Sidhu’s channo is set to release this week. Channo is the title of latest Punjabi film written and directed by Sukhpal Sidhu. J.P. Dutta and Miss Punjaban Kamaljit is lead pair of the film while Nindi Dhillon, Jaskaran Bawa along with Sukhpal Sidhu is in supporting cast. Comedian Gurdev Dhillon (Bhajna Amli fame), Anita Meet. B.N. Sharma, Parkash Gadu, Pali Mangat, Jaita, Manu Singh and Gurkirtan are also playing important roles. Sukhwinde Sukhi, Parminder Sandhu, Jaskaran Bawa and Deepa Neeta has sung the songs and film is releasing under the banner of Paramjit Films. According to sources related to Channo, censor board of India has praised the film. Will Channo be able to attract the audience without an...
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Miss Pooja is ‘Double Punjaban’

In three years, more than 300 albums and a sensational image, the only name flashes in mind is Miss Pooja. To cash Pooja’s sensational image, director Gaurav Trehan is all set to shoot a film titled ‘Punjaban’. According to sources associated with film, Pooja has double role in Punjaban. Catrack entertainment limited is producing the movie. Punjabi singer and lyricist Raj Brar is writing lyrics and Honey Singh is music director. Apart from directing Gaurav Trehan is writing the story and script of Punjaban. Shooting is scheduled from 20th October in Punjab and Himachal Pardesh. Gaurav Trehan debuted as director with Babbu Maan’s blockbuster Hashar last year. Meanwhile Pooja’s second solo album ‘Romantic Jatt’ is getting average response in the market. Punjaban will decide the future of Gau...
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With ‘Akhiyan Udeekdiya’ Lakhvinder Wadali boards acting voyage

Walking over the footprints of Harbhajan Maan, Babbu Maan and Sarabjeet Cheema, now famous Punjabi singer and heir of legendary sufi singer duo, Lakhwinder wadali is all set to board the voyage of acting. Akhiyan Udikidiyan is ready to be realeased on 11 September featuring Lakhwinder and Roshni in lead pair. Wondering who this Roshni is? Relax; Roshni is none other than Harpreet Hanjran, whom you all must have seen in ‘jag jeayondeyan de mele’ and ‘majajan’. She has renamed herself as Roshni (you know old formula of filmy names!!!). Lakhwinder is different from other singers turned actors because he is learning acting skills from renowned theater director and writer Kewal Dhaliwal at the holy city Amritsar. Recently he has acted in a play on indo-pak relationship titled ‘rutt malhma di ay...
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Neeru ‘Heer’-‘Ranjha’ Harbhajan

Punjabi's are famous for their legendary love stories, the most famous is Heer-Ranjha. Now the legendary kissa of Heer-Ranjha is ready to get alive on silver screen. Pollywood is ready to follow the footsteps of bollywood, by adapting the super hit historical love stories formula like DevDas. While Abhay Deol has been depicted as modern Devdas in his recently hit Dev D, similarly Harbhajan Maan is all set to be his punjabi counterpart, but not Dev Maan, but the classic Ranjha. Yes!!! the legendry love story of Heer-Ranjha is ready to hit big screens for punjabi audience soon. Acccording to news reports Heer-Ranjha is scheduled to release on 25 September, in which Harbhajan Maan is playing Ranjha and his Heer is Neeru Bajwa. Along with that veteran actress Daljeet kaur is starting her seco...
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First Look: Mika’s Mitti

Our story’s character Jeet Brar who is a farmer and a local kisaan leader represent the motivated and charged group of people, But on the other hand there is Young blood of Punjab who is unaware about the danger their state is facing and these young people do not have any mission in their life, most of them want to become singer or want to go to foreign, and some are behind to find the way how to make fast money and some of them are slaves to the corrupt politicians of the state. such type of young group of people represents our four characters of the film namely RABBI SIDHU,GAAZI DHILLON,LALLI BRAR and TUNDA . All these four youngsters work for the corrupt politician SARDAR HARMAIL SINGH. They are prone to alcohol and are walking on the way of crime. They are not all concerned about their...
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‘Apni Boli Apna Des’ costs rupees 6 crores to Sarabjeet Cheema

After attracting big corporate producers and huge distribution companies to venture into Punjabi Cinema, now it’s high time for pollywood to touch the pinnacle in respect of production and promotion budget. After the flat performance of 'Pind Di Kuri' jumping jack of Punjabi musical stages Sarabjeet Cheema is back with his second film Apni Boli Apna Des (ABAD). According to Cheema, who is also turning producer with ABAD, "till now we have spent about 5.5 cores and it will reach upto six after including the budget of promotion and publicity." ‘Chan Pardesi’ and ‘Loung da Lishkara’ fame renowned director Ravinder Peepat has shot ABAD at the locations of Punjab and England. While in conversation with JP, we asked him, if he has been putting every thing on stake which he has earned during his ...

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