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Film Review | Rabb Da Radio

Sorry For InterruptionDeep Jagdeep SinghRating - 1/5Written by - Jass GrewalDirected by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal & Harry Bahtti Hello friends, you are tuned into the online review station of Just Panjabi at our seamless frequency (IP address)   Time in our studio clock at this moment is…, leave it, you can check the time in the right bottom corner of your PC/laptop as we are unable to hack your cookies at the moment. As we can’t afford Ameen Siyani Ji to host our review-mala and even we don’t get sponsors because we write so fairly that film companies does not include us in the promotional budget, so sorry for the interruption and we take you to our correspondent for the review of a film full of interruptions, over to the correspondent. Phew!!!***Set in Punja...
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Film Review | Love Punjab

Relationship trails to the RootsDeep Jagdeep SinghRating 3/5Love Punjab is a story of relationship and roots. It shows whenever we reach at a dead end on the path of relationships; we take a U turn to our roots. Love Punjab has an ensemble of relationships, shattering, romance, motherly love, father-son affection, twinge and when the twinge is reached at the point to shatter the souls, protagonists return to their roots, where there is a village, belongingness, wrangling and love in wrangling.    In search of a better future Pargat (Amrinder Gill) comes to Canada from a small village of Punjab. He falls in love with a Canadian Punjabi girl Jessica (Sargun Menta). They get married and all goes well until demanding life of developed country steals all the charm. Expectations go in ...

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