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Why Patiala Dreamz is a must watch and Why not?

By Jacob D'MellowBefore I start I want to tell you that it is not a film review and I have not watched the film until writing this piece. First of all I will tell you why I never like to go to watch Patiala Dreamz, you know my ugly nose always comes in between my choice, so lets listen it first-Punjabi Film Patiala Dreamz PosterIt has new star cast, actually they are not Punjabi at all, what kind of Punjabi they will speak. Even I can’t digest the dialogues of Neeru Bajwa or Surween Chawla and many others. Ashmit Patel was terrible. Minisha Lamba haye rabb ji!!!From promos it looks like that film is shot on some old school technology. It can be said for every other Punjabi film, except few big budget Punjabi films.Music is not so catchy that it can hook me up to cinema.I know all...

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