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Punjabi Kudi Pooja ready to storm the hearts on Channel V

Hot Punjabi Kudi Pooja Bhamrah | Model | Actor | Channel V | Ye Jawani Ra Ri RiHot, sexy and gorgeous Punjabi Kudi from mumbai is all set to storm the audience with her first hindi television show Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri. Aspiring scientist turned mesmeric model Pooja Bhamrah has transformed into an attractive actress in youth oriented show ‘Yeh Jawani Ta Ra Ri Ri’. Marking her debut in Channel V’s block buster show was a strategic move for pretty Pooja, who is waiting in the wings to become the next Deepika Padukone. She says, "I wanted to get familiar with the nuances of camera movement." Punjabi kudi Pooja is playing a character – Devika - who is completely opposite of what she is in real life. Devika in Yeh Jawani is real smooth girl, who is full of herself. She can be pretty shrewd at ...

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