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Film Review | Saadey CM Saab

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5Yudhveer Singh (Harbhajan Maan) is a son of honest political activist who lived and died for his politics based on principals. Crestfallen with the fate of his father, resilient Yudhveer adopts a crooked way to reach at the top position of Chief Minister with the support of his two childhood friends Inder (Rahul Singh) and Dimpy (Gurpreet Ghuggi).   Just before the state elections and after the suspicious death of veteran leader of the party his spoilt son Damanjeet Singh (Dev Singh Gill) frisks his muscles to inherit his father’s throne, but during the party meeting, executive members vote against the dynasty politics and in favor of Yudhveer. Due to huge support within party and popularity in public Yudhveer is destined to be the next CM. With burnt ego ...

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