Wednesday, November 30

Sarbjeet Cheema

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‘Apni Boli Apna Des’ costs rupees 6 crores to Sarabjeet Cheema

After attracting big corporate producers and huge distribution companies to venture into Punjabi Cinema, now it’s high time for pollywood to touch the pinnacle in respect of production and promotion budget. After the flat performance of 'Pind Di Kuri' jumping jack of Punjabi musical stages Sarabjeet Cheema is back with his second film Apni Boli Apna Des (ABAD). According to Cheema, who is also turning producer with ABAD, "till now we have spent about 5.5 cores and it will reach upto six after including the budget of promotion and publicity." ‘Chan Pardesi’ and ‘Loung da Lishkara’ fame renowned director Ravinder Peepat has shot ABAD at the locations of Punjab and England. While in conversation with JP, we asked him, if he has been putting every thing on stake which he has earned during his ...

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