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Film Review | Sardarji 2

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5First thing first Sardaarji 2 has no connection with Sardaarji’s first instalment. So there is no ghost hunter, no funny ghosts in laboratory bottles, no sexy witch and no ghost hunting at all.  This time, Jagjeet Singh aka Jaggi Khooh Wala (Diljit Dosanjh) is a successful organic cultivator. Winner of awards and accolades for successful, innovative farming, amusing Jaggi is also known for his irrepressible anger and hardcore tough attitude in handling odd situations. Incidentally, he falls into the trap of the evil designs of his rivals. He has to pay 15 million rupees to get out of this trap and save the peasantry of his village. Jaggi goes to a foreign land to save his homeland, the village. This time writer Dheeraj Rattan and Director Rohit Jugraj go mo...

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