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Film Review | The Black Prince
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Film Review | The Black Prince

The Dark Saga of Last Sikh MaharajaDeep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5The Black Prince is a historical drama about the great Sikh Emperor Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s son and last king of Lahore Darbar   Maharaja Duleep Singh and his journey to discover his own lost existence during his exiled life in England. If you watch films just for fun or to go to multiplexes to shun away the day to day stress, you are a non-believer, especially not a follower of Sikh faith, then this film is absolutely not for you. Irrespective of all above things if you still want to watch ‘The Black Prince’ then obliviously you are the one prefer realistic cinema over popular one. But even then, before you go, you should be aware that you have to bear with lethargically slow screenplay for the first forty minutes. If yo...

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