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Film Review | Saadey CM Saab

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1/5Yudhveer Singh (Harbhajan Maan) is a son of honest political activist who lived and died for his politics based on principals. Crestfallen with the fate of his father, resilient Yudhveer adopts a crooked way to reach at the top position of Chief Minister with the support of his two childhood friends Inder (Rahul Singh) and Dimpy (Gurpreet Ghuggi).   Just before the state elections and after the suspicious death of veteran leader of the party his spoilt son Damanjeet Singh (Dev Singh Gill) frisks his muscles to inherit his father’s throne, but during the party meeting, executive members vote against the dynasty politics and in favor of Yudhveer. Due to huge support within party and popularity in public Yudhveer is destined to be the next CM. With burnt ego ...
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Film Review | Kaptaan

Kaptaan might have won the case in the courtroom, but ‘Kaptaan’ completely fails to win the hearts of audiences. This film once again affirms that Punjabi cinema lacks profound screen writers or we have still not risen above the formula film making based on the myth of ‘comedy is hit’. Even the best writers fail to deliver an engaging screenplay out of a good story.    Writer Dheeraj Rattan’s Kaptaan Singh Grewal (Gippy Grewal) is a young and carefree struggling advocate having no case in his pocket to prove his mettle. Will Kaptaan, the only son of a renowned advocate Mahinder Singh Grewal, be able to carry forward legacy of his father? He remains carefree until one fine day his childhood friend and now a grown up love interest Sam’s (Krishma Kotak) family agrees to take him abr...
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Film Review | Zorawar

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 1.5/5Zorawar is another Punjabi film super ruined by super stardom called Yo Yo Honey Singh. After Ambersariya this is another film of 2016 which went through a miscarriage before completing its gestation period. Thus, most anticipated action thriller turned out as laughable stock.   Zorawar Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a super cop of Secret Army Force (SAF) who goes on secret army missions all alone. The macho Zorawar is a stubborn soldier who doesn’t pay a heed even to his boss. Zorawar lives with his mother Sheetal (Achint Kaur) and one fine day he falls in love with Jasleen Kaur (Parul Gulati) when he comes to his unknown hometown in Punjab. Incidentally, her mother comes across the twenty five year old letters of her lost husband and real father of Zorawa...
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Film Review | Vaisakhi List

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 2/5Vaisakhi List is another Punjabi film, which has been hyper-ruined by formula finicky makers. Had they kept the concept unadulterated, film might have been more entertaining and much engrossing. Yes, but still Vaisakhi List keeps the audience engaged and gives an entertaining spin. Yet we expect more matured films from makers like Sameep Kang.  Jarnail (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Tarsem (Sunil Grover aka Guthi) are two prison inmates who are in prison for petty crimes. These crimes are connected with their emotional background. The Film starts with the Tarsem’s plan to run from the prison through a tunnel dug by him after two failed attempts to escape. Before, Tarsem executes his plan, Jarnail learns that his fiancée’s marriage has been fixed with someone else be...
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Film Review | Bathinda Express

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 3/5How to win oneself is what Bathinda Express revolves around. The film inspires us to understand that when the time, circumstances and choices force us to be on knees, how the wings of dreams, courage and introspection help us to get back our sky?    Inder (Deep Joshi) is a common lad from a village of Bathinda, running is not only his passion but life. Either it’s time to practice in the ground or reaching a multiplex to fulfil the sudden demand of his girlfriend Gurleen (Jasmine Kaur), he leaves his beloved Bullet bike and starts off on his strong and fastest legs and runs through crowded lanes of Ludhiana. Due to his passion for running his coach (Tarlochan Singh) names him as Bathinda Express. Raj (Mohit Bhaskar) and Gupta are his friends and compan...
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Interview | Tarlochan Singh | Actor-Director

Meet Tarlochan Singh the real life ‘Coach’ of Bathinda Express Hero Deep JoshiInterview by Deep Jagdeep SinghThe most awaited movie Bathinda Express is all set to release on 8th April and the whole team is on promotional spree around Punjab from almost a week now. While all the glittering faces of the cast and crew are going gaga in front of camera flash lights, a man is still busy in rehearsals of this upcoming theatre play at the open air theatre at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana. Few days back when team JP visited the spot playwright, theatre director and actor Tarlochan Singh was busy discussing the final blockings of his next play. Tarlochan Singh, who is portraying the role of an athletic coach in Bathinda Express, is a real life theatre teacher of lead hero Deep Joshi. In a candid chat he...
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Film Review | Ambarsariya

Deep Jagdeep SinghRating 3/5Ambarsariya, a good story wasted in uncontrolled drab prank called Kalol in Punjabi. After a long gap Dheeraj Rattan came up with a good story   which is washed out by a stereotyped Diljit kind of aimless slapstick comedy. Director Mandeep Kumar showed his guts in handling two star powers colliding in Jihne Mera Dil lutteya, but here he surrendered at the feet of Diljit’s stardom and left the story loose. Ambarsariya (Diljit Dosanjh) is an Insurance agent, a Casanova, who sells the highest number of insurance policies and sways the hearts of the beautiful girls with equal charm in the public eye, but he is an undercover agent working for Indian intelligence agency RAW. He is sent to Ambarsar (Amritsar), his own home town, on a secret mission where he has ...
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When A Daring Journalist refused Diljit to favour in Ambarsariya Review

Diljit Dosanjh during an Interview on ABP Sanjha Live FacebookIn a daring act on Facebook live video session Punjabi online News Channel ABP Sanjha's reporter Tahira Bhasin refused Punjabi super star Diljit     Dosanjh to do a favour by writing a positive review about his upcoming film Ambersariya. During the promotion of his film in Chandigarh Diljit candidly asked Tahira to write a positive review by ignoring the negative aspects of the film. Ambersariya is all set to relase on 25th March. Brave journalist Tahira Immediately refused him on camera by saying she will be writing/talking all positive and negative aspects of the film in her upcoming review. Further Diljit tried to emphasise for the positive review by saying 'apne bandeyan diyan kamiyan nahi dassidiyan' (Shortcomings...
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Film Review | Love Punjab

Relationship trails to the RootsDeep Jagdeep SinghRating 3/5Love Punjab is a story of relationship and roots. It shows whenever we reach at a dead end on the path of relationships; we take a U turn to our roots. Love Punjab has an ensemble of relationships, shattering, romance, motherly love, father-son affection, twinge and when the twinge is reached at the point to shatter the souls, protagonists return to their roots, where there is a village, belongingness, wrangling and love in wrangling.    In search of a better future Pargat (Amrinder Gill) comes to Canada from a small village of Punjab. He falls in love with a Canadian Punjabi girl Jessica (Sargun Menta). They get married and all goes well until demanding life of developed country steals all the charm. Expectations go in ...
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Film Review | Channo Kamli Yaar Di

Deep Jagdeep Singh|Channo Kamli Yaar Di brings a new hope for substantial cinema in the Punjabi film industry. Apart from an appropriate ensemble of cast and gripping screenplay, the film has a concrete story (but with many loose ends) with which audience gets connected as soon as the first frame opens.     Taji (Binnu Dhillon) is a common village guy, age is running out of his hand for a handsome marriage and his mother (Anita Devgan) is worried, but he does not want to get married because he loves his childhood friend Channo (Neeru Bajwa). Unfortunately, he could never express his feelings. Now she is married to someone else and pregnant. One day he learns that Channo is not happy. They meet in a Gurudawara and Taji learns that her husband Jeet (Jassie Gill) went to ...

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