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Punjabi Film Actor Director Deep Joshi Upset Over Censor Board Behaviour

Team JPIn a row of censor board controversies one more Punjabi film is added, that is, Bathinda Express. Earlier Punjabi film Sadda Haq based on the issue of terrorism in Punjab and Sutta Naag which depicts the cultural paradox of Punjab got into the troubled water when censor board of India refused the certificates on illogical Issue. On the one side Indian censor board gives nod to songs like 'tu trigger dabaye, main chumme chalayun (Ramleela) and adult movies like Grand Masti, while on the other hand it refuses to even listen the context of the logical scenes or properties used in the film to depict the real face of society.This behaviour of censor board upsets Buraah's writer and Bathinda Expresses director Deep Joshi. Joshi is himself a lead protagonist in the film. Earlier he has por...

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