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Movie Preview: Appan Pher Milange

Gulab and Rajdeep are students of MA Final. None knows when their love blossomed and flowered in all its fullness and fragrance but their love was envy of all. Gulab is also madly fond of Rajdeep’s sweet and melodious voice. Rajdeep tells Gulab about his meeting with the MD of a Music Company. Gulab expresses her happiness and Rajdeep tells her that after the release of his first music album they will get married.There are one younger sister and brother alongwith her parents in Gulab’s family. Everybody is greatly excited with joy at Gulab’s return after completing studies. Lally with some secret in her heart teases and badgers Gulab. Gulab caught hold or her pony and asks that why she is laughing so much, what is the problem with her. Tomorrow my (Jija Ji) brother in law is coming to p...

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