Gurdas Maan Roti not available in Australia and London | Fans Disappointed | Now Available

Fans of Gurdas Maan from Australia are feeling anguished because they are not being able to watch the latest song roti from his latest Album with the same title. According to few Punjabi youngsters living in various cities of Australia and London when they tried to watch the song on official youtube channel of record label Speed records they faced a big setback when they read the notification that this song is not allowed to play in Australia.

Is this due to some copyright issues or any other technical reasons? Speed Records has not clarified it till now, while fans of Gurdas Maan are registering their anger over Speed records official youtube channel After getting comments over its youtube channel Speed Records has clarified that Roti Song is available on Gurdas Maan’s official Youtube channel Come on friends living outside India let’s play it together!!!
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