Gurdas Maan’s Chak Jawana releasing on 27 Aug

After the ‘not so good response’ for two of his films ‘Mini Punjab’ and ‘Sukhmani’, legendary singer and actor is again set to showcase his saintly avatar in the latest film ‘Chak Jawana’. Pardeep Joshi, one of the lead actors in the film, today in conversation with Just Panjabi told that Big Cinema is releasing the movie on large scale. It is a movie based on major issues of Punjab and how youth can contribute in the development of villages and further in the growth of country. Pardeep is excited about the release. After being critically acclaimed for his grey shade role in ‘Sukhmani’, he is hopeful of getting a good response from the audience.

Cast & Crew-Chak Jawana

Image Courtesy : Pardeep Joshi


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